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Welcome to the Frontier Software, Inc. website.

Check "Software Pricing" for new lower software pricing, plus new paper format for math and reading

In addition, click "Worksheet Page" to explore the new printable versions in PDF form (unlimited copying of grades 3-5 STAAR reading and math) or "Book Review Page" for book stories and questions now in PDF form

STAAR practice for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Reading and Math available for Windows and Macintosh

Click on Download Demo


Frontier Software has a children's book entitled

The Frontier Book of Children's Short Stories, containing 50 stories for grades 3-5. Available with the book are accompanying grade level worksheets to provide practice reading practice, plus a glossary of more difficult words for the appropriate grade levels. Click on "Book Pricing" for prices, and "Book Review Page" for a short description of each story.